Graduate and Professional Student Highlight Newsletter

At Mizzou, we have incredibly talented and productive graduate and professional students destined for greatness who deserve to be shown off. 

Please answer the questions below (at least 4 of the non-required questions) for us to include in a specific Graduate and Professional Student Highlight Campaign. 

Please include a minimum one relevant photo for the newsletter. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to  Thank you for taking the time to highlight our exceptional students! 
Area of Research/Study:
Degree Program (i.e. Ph.D in Biochemistry, pursuing a DVM, etc...):
Notable Honors/Awards:
Volunteer Service:
On-Campus and Off-Campus Organizations:
Notable Internships/Extracurricular Programs:
Aspirations, Interest, and/or Hobbies: 
What advice would you (or the nominated student) give to other graduate and professional students? 
What is one thing that has been invaluable to your (or the nominated student) studies? 
What is your (or the nominated student) favorite thing about Mizzou? 
How do you (or the nominated student) hope to better the world? 
What is one thing you (or the nominated student) wish people knew about your field? 
Please include a relevant photo for the newsletter.