KCOU News Application

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The application for KCOU News. The application is mandatory for joining KCOU News but your answers have no bearing on whether or not you can join the news department. Anyone that wants to can join, the application is used to gauge to where your interest is and what your level of experience of journalism is. 

Email Address
Why KCOU News?
What are the advantages of using radio as a storytelling medium?
What are the disadvantages?
Have you listened to KCOU before? Favorite show/story?
Journalism experience?

it's cool if you have none, we're all learning here!
Pitch me a story or two. Keep in mind that it's a radio station and that I don't want to hear things like "They're closing [insert freshman dorm]!" like, I know.

Feel free to also pitch an idea for a podcast.
File Upload

Feel free to show us any work you've done