Fundraising Request and Event Planning Form - Organization Resource Group

Contact Information

We recommend that Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) planning events and activities on campus utilize the Event Planning Form to assist in the planning process and ensure successful events on the University of Missouri campus. 

This form must be completed for RSOs planning fundraising activities on campus, closing streets on or around campus, and for organizations screening copyrighted materials (movies, PPV, etc.).

Before completing this form, please review the Mizzou Event Planning Guide for more information on reservations, University policies, and other helpful resources.

Contact the Organization Resource Group (ORG) at 573-882-2630 or for more information.

Contact Information - First Name
Contact Information - Last Name
Contact Information - Email Address
Contact Information - Phone Number
Organization name 

Please write the entire organization name, not the acronym.
Name of event
Date and time of proposed event
Location of Event 

Must list specific locations -- "around campus" is not specific enough. Please tell us the building/room/etc.
Have you reserved the space on campus? 

If no, please note that the reservation has to be made before we can approve the fundraising permit. Speaker's Circle is always available for spontaneous use on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Give us details! 

Please provide us with a description of the event.
Will the event include any of the following?
Will there be an exchange of money at the event? 

(i.e., collection of membership dues, donations
Does the organization have a flyer for the event? 

Please upload a copy of the flyer.