Travel Reimbursement Form


Please note this form is only to be used Recognized Student Organizations attempting to reimburse travel plans previously approved for ORG funding. 

This form and required documentation must be successfully submitted to the ORG Office in person within 45 days of return. If the form is turned in within 46-60 days of return, there will be a 10% reduction on reimbursement. After 60 days, the organization has forfeited its reimbursement. Incomplete reimbursements are not considered accepted.

Organizations will be asked for information and documentation related to their travel. All travel expenses will be reimbursed to the organization, not to individual members. You must attach documentation/receipts to verify, for accounting purposes, that the amounts you listed here are accurate. Please review the Travel Reimbursement Checklist to understand what materials will be required to submit a travel reimbursement. 

If this is the organization's first reimbursement through ORG, then the organization will need to complete a W-9 form for the reimbursement to be processed by the University's accounting department.

If the organization would like to receive its reimbursement via direct deposit to the organization's bank account, then it will need to submit the Direct Deposit Form. An organization does not need to complete this form if it has previously submitted it to the ORG office for a reimbursement.  

Please contact ORG at 573-882-2630 or with any immediate questions or concerns.